Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Suns and Notes

Sign found in a rest room:

Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.
--The Bayou, Baton Rouge


If I read the news right, the administration and GOP is considering a change of course in Iraq. (By the way, W says they never said “stay the course.) Remember there is an election three weeks away, so it is time to wag the dog, even if only a little bit. Do you want to bet the talk will end after the election?

And whether we will have an orange alert around Halloween?


Check out Portland Horses

The poem is by MJM, one of the owners of Wild Poetry, a good friend and great poet.


More Suns

Bright Star, Artist

The long green season fades into scarlet,
gold, orange – colors brightened by noon’s light –
an artist’s genius charms our senses
before the canvas brushed with frosted white.

Match, Generations

Like Grandma sliding into base,
like Dad stuffing the quarterback -
he shines, goal blocked to win the game
in which no one is keeping score.

Candle, Wickless

Faded words cross the page, a verse incomplete –
difficult to read in the taper’s last smoke.
In the light of day, do we know the poet’s
intent among empty bottles, torn paper?

Sun Song, Last Note

Ten thousand sparks, ten thousand suns brighten
the way to ten thousand resurrections –
each meant to lead me to the Golden Land,
ten thousand times ten thousand necessary.


We are about to head to Mexico for a long vacation. (Can a retiree really have vacations?) Therefore, my next blog will not be until after the 14th. Maybe then, we will see a MindFire War and Peace Supplement.

Under next month, be cool and




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