Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Colored Suns and Published

I have started doing my Suns with some repeated color, probably forcing them a bit but they are fun:

Sun Room, Treasured

Yellow walls reflect fresh chrysanthemums;
a yellow bowl holds lemons and sliced pears;
The Yellow Book abandoned on a striped couch,
its worn, yellowed pages, well read, waiting.

Blush, Leaf Fall

Scarlet leaves and gold fill our pockets, boots,
crimson sweater and wool plaid cast aside
to frolic among newly raked foliage -
red leaves tinged with orange all the dress you need.

Scintillation, Senior Moment

A sliver of light brightens her silver hair,
grey dawn promises to be a dazzling day.
A dollop of light cream, whites fully cooked,
breakfast in bed celebrates our sterling years.

Fulgor, Greening

Among hardwoods, midyear green slowly fades;
evergreens continue a thousand shades -
forests emerald through second summer
until frost dulls needles and fresh green grass.

Aurora, Last Camas

A lake of blue flowers floods oaken woods,
afternoon skies reflect the azure pond –
your sapphire eyes return the sun’s soft rays,
my navy shirt lost in your tie-died wrap.

Kathy Paupore, my partner, and I are considering a chapbook with several of the Suns. We have 250 names identified and can always use more.


The publication news: Allen Itz is going to publish my Commandment poems in his extensive and entertaining blog. Acees his blog by the first link on your left.

I am in a book edited by Alice Pero and Lois Jones: A Chaos of Angels at www.lulu.com or www.wordwalkerpress.com.html According to Lois, the volume is "“The poems demonstrate the driving force of the individual – the power and passion of a being whose magnitude and potential are limitless."

I will be reading my work from the book and a couplee of others at the Juice Goddess in Wallingford, Seattle, Friday, September 30 at 7. See the Word Walker link for directions.

Finally, for the second year in a row, I am included in The Tanka Society of Japan's Gendai Manyoshu 2006 with:

The Names for Rain in a Northwest Sky

mist drifts
onto a lily’s blooms
its color weakened
as the gray droplets
of morning settle

purple cotton
cloudbursts fill the sky
with heat
sheets of jagged lightning
and a sense of futility

the patter
on our old tin roof
by emptied rooms
and the lack of laughter


And if you are looking for another good author, check out Robert Littel. His Legends is a thriller reader's dream.

Until next week.



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