Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bluegrass and

We spend last weekend at a Bluegrass festival in Tumwater, WA with the RV club - great music, fun and compainship - this wee beat resulted...

Drought, Picking

Friday, the banjo lights the grass on fire,
the night’s shower barely dampens the park’s dust.
Saturday, guitars ignite audience;
morning, a hush for fiery gospel pickers.

This week moving mom-in-law into her new house, leaving no time for anything poetic or related...

But some good publication news re Lois P. Jones, known as Emusing on the boards:

Well if anyone has wondered where I’ve been I’m here to unveil the reason: a chaos of angels (Word Walker Press). It’s a project co-editor Alice Pero and I have been working on for nearly two years and it’s finally finished. While we are using lulu at the moment as our print on demand facility, we have created our own organization, http://www.wordwalkerpress.com to facilitate the book’s exposure and to publish future works on the subject of artists motivating change. Some of our very own Wilders have contributed to chaos

Just to give you an example I haven’t washed my hair in four days (yuck) and have been promoting the hell out of the site and the book. We already have an article in Los Angeles Citybeat (circ. 100,000) that just came out yesterday announcing the anthology and the reading on Monday, September 11th at Moonday. There is already some good buzz happening on the book, actress Catherine Bell is promising to promote the book to all her friends and place a link on her website.

As to a note to any of my friends who are on prescriptive meds, this is not a book bashing their use, it is rather a hopeful and inspired look at alternatives to medication for anyone who is interested in that. The book contains a list of resources at the back for more information on alternative therapies.


I'm in the book.

And btw, I have written with Alice in one dialogue or another for years.

And to close, a couple of authors I recommend, mystery and thriller writers: Loise Lippman out of Baltimore - Try her Sugar House or To the Power of Three - and Mike Lawson of Seattle - his second Second Perimeter just out with the right level of thriller and humor.

Until next week.




Blogger Sherry P said...

hi gary! too cool! i'm rooting for you.

the link to the newspaper isn't working tho.

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