Tuesday, July 25, 2006

North Carolina

We have been in a heat wave. Records ties and broken for the last week. It's finally broke with temps expected in the 80's, still almost 10 deprees over normal. If there is global warming what bodes for the rhodies and other plants that need less heat.

#5 in Poetic States is about North Carolina, where my MindFire partner, Thomas Fortenberry lives.


Until next week, keep cool.



North Carolina

Hidden behind the Piedmont

I consider North Carolina less
often than I consider Delaware
which is only when I consider
“What did Delaware?”

If it were not for basketball,
hog farms, BBQ, and poetic friends,
I might think of North Carolina less
than I think of American Samoa.

Because Hatteras and Nags Head push
their noses out into the Atlantic to snatch
hurricanes, we all might mull over
North Carolina less except in March.

Wedged between Virginia and South Carolina,
at least North Carolina can say it is not Iowa.


Blogger Pris said...

I didn't know you were in North Carolina. I grew up in Pageland, S.C. , just over the state line and below North Carolina. Spent a lot of time in the N.C. mountains and sailed through there down the Waterway in the seventies. I like the poem and it makes me nostalgic, too.
(found your link at Michi's blog)

6:36 AM  

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