Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Linking and more states

A friend reminded me that if someone links to you, you should to them. So I've added several links to blogs and other pages on the left. I'll do more as time goes on. Maybe yours?

In the meanwhile, I'm adding too more states: Hawaii and Michigan. It will be a few days before I add others, we are going to Oregon and take Ben, the grandson, camping. I will probably be modumless.

Enjoy the sun.






I have often heard a lava rock
removed from Pele’s home
will bring pilikia to the thief. -

even if you have rung a temple bell
for long life and the best of luck,
ridden a nui North Shore wave,

tendered care to Molokai’s lepers,
planted taro and learned to like poi,
or simply spent your island days

on the beach as the green spot
appears at sunset, a bikini-clad
wahini cuddled in your arms

One small pahoehoe stone,
and my new rock wall keeps falling over.

Malihini – tourist, one unfamiliar with a place or custom
Nui – big
Pahoehoe – smooth lava
Pilikia – trouble of any kind



Above the Bridge
(for Kathy)

Dozens of suns illuminate its shores,
light the lamps that mark its rocks,
raise the midges who raise the trout,
waken Paul’s crew for their day’s work

Scores of suns to stir deer and grouse,
to wing snow geese west,
turn white pine and paper birch,
redden sugar maple, vine and oak

Hundreds of suns to ripen strawberries,
warm the lakes for troll vacations,
mature the pumpkins for fall’s harvest,
melt ice and frost for spring planting

Thousands of suns to bring us home,
to exalt the land between the lakes.


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