Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Boise City, Idaho

I spend the last weekend in Boise, and fell in love with the city with its Greenbelt (25 miles of paths along the Boise River), Warm Spring’s mansions, Anne Frank memorial, Log Cabin Literacy Center, parks, public art and trees. Like most lovers, Boise is not perfect. It was near or at 100 for the five days we were there. Regardless, the city may be the loveliest I’ve seen, even more than Portland; though Portland may win because it has less heat and more brewpubs.

We also went ice blocking on Simplot Hill, which should lead to another poem.


Boise City

He said when the French explorer looked
down upon the river from the bluffs,
and exclaimed “Bois, la bois.”
there were only types in the valley:
Cottonwood and willow.

“And now there are over 350
varieties in the City of Trees.”

Trees to climb, swing on,
hid behind, admire.
Trees to feed birds, squirrels
and the occasional human..

Trees to sketch, for nests, Christmas.
Trees to lie under, to nap,
or admire Anne Frank’s words,
listen to Ray Bradbury,

to consider whether trees
are indeed more lovely than poems.


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