Sunday, July 02, 2006

Back with a promise

Why have a blog if it is not going to be kept up to date? So for my Mid-year resolution, I promise I will.

First on the agenda, please read spring issue for works on war, peace and everything in between. A (very) special issue.

And the June/July issue of FireWeed is up with new work selected by Terrie Relf, Houdini and a war/peace supplemental.

2. go to The blog owner’s (Michelle Buchanan) goal is to post a memorial poem to each of the military killed during the Iraq war – 2615 as of the end of June. Please add yours.

3. The know nothings are at again.

Is Coulter in the library,
Mein Kampf?

Have they reviewed all the books in the series for accuracy. Egypt, Canada?


4. A poem

Journey with Rimbaud VIII – Benediction

the predatory power of the intestinal apparatus

Beware of medication that results
from a physician’s examination
-the cure may be worse than the bite.

Popping pills for a groin infection
(though unconfirmed) may have led
to acute, stressed hyper-defecation.

While on vacation at the beach,
twice I was in an extreme condition,
toilet needed to avoid unwanted warmth.

Then on the way to a southern destination,
I twice failed to ask we stop at a rest area
and let go before we reached a gas station.

There was a trucker’s shower at the Shell
which I used without any hesitation,
for the duration I prayed no one would notice.

You might think this severe situation
mostly the product of too much imagination,
but I assure you every word is the utmost truth.

Even my grandson picked up
that “Papa went in his pants.”


5. See you in a week.




Blogger KL said...

Oh! Mr. B, bless your heart! Some vacation, eh?

I feel for you--

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Joyce Wakefield said...

Oh, Gary, having had a similar experience - I really understand - and of course there is always a child around to "tell!" Last time was stuck in absurd traffic after a 4th of July foray downtown Oklahoma City! Now, I stay home and watch the neighbor's fireworks - close to the loo! My grown sons still talk about Mom peeing the car seat!! Sheeze. Joyce

8:03 PM  
Blogger Gary B said...

I got off the medication, but a 4 hour drive to Yakima tomorrow.



8:18 PM  

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