Friday, December 16, 2005

December News III - the book published, A River Transformed

And now the biggie. I finally published the first of four planned books: A River Transformed - Wang Wei’s River Wang Poems as Inspiration which can be purchased at

The book is a collection of verse libre sonnets inspired by Wang Wei's River Wang poems; my translations of Wang's work; a cinquain and tanka for each; and a collection of other Eastern style poetry, many Chinese short songs. An example:

The Question Answered (I)

When asked why I retire among pine mountains,
I laugh silently. Why answer, my mind at rest?
Peach petals float away the last of my ambition.
There's quiet tranquility beyond the fields of men.

Questions, Answers (II)

Why live so far beyond clear cuts,
pastures, orchards?
I would chuckle at the answer,
if I understood the question.

Salmonberries drift along rapids
towards canyons alive with fireflies.
Under stars, above dew-soaked ground
there'll be peace enough, left alone.

(responses to Li Po's "Question and Answer in the Mountains")

Come over and give it a look. If you are into Eastern poetry, it will be a nice addition to your collection; and a good present for a friend.

My store will be at


I said 4 books. The second will be a collection of song parodies (the first posted below), the poems from MindFire's "Eye of the Coming Storm" (my volume will be A Mote in the Eye of the Storm) and other unpublished work.

Proceeds from Mote will be donated to Habitat for Humanity; and if both River and Mote purchased together, the profit from both will be donated.

Expect in in the store in January.

The third will be a collection I wrote with two other poets titled The Garbage Collection. It will be expanded to be a good length and make it worth your pennies. An example:

dog in garbage can

saran wrap and ziploc
transparent blossoms on roses

screw top wine bottles
lawn ornaments

morning paper
and enquirer dance out of step

o and rosie

spinach salad
tuna helper
splattered art

discarded for pepperoni sausage
olives cold cheese strings
anchovies spit into ditch
pineapple saved for dessert

thanks given for plastic cans

(A true story and the event that started the collection.)

The fourth and final volume will be a reissue of my chapbook, Reflections, also expanded to a good length. If all goes well, the last will be out by June.


Does self-publishing work? Maybe, maybe not; but it beats the alternative -nothing.

More ahead?




Blogger Sherry P said...

hi, i put a post about your book on my blog. i just know you wrote a great read!

10:22 AM  
Blogger Gary B said...

Sherry, thanks. Need the publicity. Lots of books left. (gr)


6:12 AM  

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