Friday, December 16, 2005

December News IV: Politics

Will it get any stranger?

This day (12/16/2005), the president accused of authorizing spying on citizens. Earlier in the week, Novak says W knows who the CIA leak is - and does nothing against his promise.

We torture but don't.

The House pushes the Patriot Act - with further errosion of our rights.

The big preachers refuse to object that Congress is cutting programs for the needy, more interested in politics than charity. They want every baby born, even if they starve afterward.

The reasons for being in Iraq based on faulty intell (says W), but that is okay.

It's ok if Tom the Hammer steals but not that Bill lies about sex.

Tax cuts for the very wealthy.

Can anyone say Rome?

My current view: Don't vote the man, vote the party. We need at least one house to become Democrat, if not both. As long as the GOP is the majority, the craziness with continue.

And don't forget it has been 1000 days since victory declared with over 2000 military killed. How many years will it be before we reach the number who perished during 911?

To end, read the Newsweek piece on Bush in a bubble, and Esquire's January back page.

Be cool and vote often.




Blogger Sherry P said...

yeah, bout sums it up. sad. i tell people to at least vote, for cry'n out loud, pay attention, don't believe in getting your news only from talk radio, treat each other with respect, don't think, "it couldn't happen here!" and vote.

10:21 AM  

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