Friday, December 16, 2005

December news I - Health

Is there any reason to have a blog if we are not going to keep it up?

Answering my own question, of course not; but then shit happens.

For most of the year, I've been feeling under the weather, tired. With good reason. Just before Thanksgiving, I ended up in the ER - felt like a 1000 pound rock on my torso. The diagnosis is anemia. My body not absorbing B-12 which is needed to make blood, so I was a quart or so low and trying to operate without enough oxygen.

The cure - transfusions, then B-12 shots all my life.

The good news is I have more energy than in a long time; but still not up there. I need more shots (weekly for the month) to raise the red blood cell level.

BTW, our HMO posts the lab test; so we know where we stand in comparison to a range. B-12 above the low limit barely. Red cells are also, but furthur towards the middle.

My literaty mag has been a struggle due to computer problems and health. I almost gave it up, but now I feel good enough to keep going. In 2004, we did 2 issues, in 05 3, in o6 we hope for 4.

I'm doing this in stages, so on to part II.




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