Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fall MindFire: The Eye of the Coming Storm

Fall MindFire: The Eye of the Coming Storm

The current issue of MindFire is devoted to the disaster in the Gulf Coast with a special section – The Eye of the Coming Storm. We are publishing reports from the field – the stories of friends who live in the Gulf and were devastated, some on the edges, living in fear of what might come or where their family was, an explanation of hurricanes by a wind engineer, poetry from the ground, and a plea to donate. In addition, the issue contains a reprint of Jack Myer’s line break essay, Sharon Old’s letter to Laura Bush, reviews, poetry, experimental and otherwise, great art and photos from the Gulf and elsewhere.

We regret the issue is not finished and some of the regional sections are missing. We wanted to get Eye of the Coming Storm to you in a timely manner. We will roll out the remainder of the pages over the next three weeks. This is our Dust Bowl, and we need to listen to the victims and understand what it means in Fargo, Bellingham, Palm Springs, Chicago, Russell, and all the small towns, cities, and spaces between.

It might be us next, though with the hurricane season not over, it might be them again.

We are all in this together.

Thank you.

Gary Blankenship


Blogger Pocono Progressives said...

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Blogger Silvia said...

This was devastating, and the government non-response was unbelievable. Yes, we are all in this together and we are all that we have. Certainly can't count on any government to come to our aid...

12:37 PM  

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